Your lives are full of emotion. Your films should be too.



They captured the essence of the wedding day in such a dynamic and creative way, I really couldn't be happier. There were so many dimensions to the day and they managed to represent it so beautifully. Throughout the planning process, Brett was very responsive and accommodating over email and easy to communicate with. We met with Brett and Vanessa over coffee to get to know one another and we got along well. They are such a down to earth couple and we knew we'd be comfortable with them by our side on our wedding day.  On the wedding day Vanessa spent the morning filming me and my girls getting ready, while Brett was with guys. She was so calming and made me feel at ease. They worked well with our photographers and had great suggestions for scenes to film. It was easy to follow their direction and we got some awesome shots at the beach. I am so happy to have built this relationship with them and to have their creative vision come to life in a wedding film I will cherish forever.



 You love each other, we love each other, we love what we do...

We are Vanessa and Brett.  Vanessa is the cute French  girl on the right.  Brett is the lucky as hell to have her, guy on the left.  V brings astounding creativity and a personality sure to brighten your day, and Brett makes it all possible through his deep understanding of Film and technology.  Together, we dive into every project we do with all of our heart and focus on bringing not just images into your films, but sounds, emotions, and true energy.  Most importantly, we love what we do and you will have a tough time spotting us on a shoot smile free!

Our careers began with Masters and Doctorates in Cellular and Molecular Biology, focusing on imaging technologies.  In 2012, we had Epiphany number 1:  We had an itch that wasn't going to go unscratched-  Our thirst to travel more and see the world.  Both of us had already traveled around most of europe, and in a few other countries around the world.  But we had never been fully committed, and spent enough time in each place to really get a clean beat on the world vibrating all around us.  So we did it.  We packed everything up, left our jobs, sold our cars and headed out into the world.  At some point during the following 15 months (somewhere in South America and Southeast Asia), we had  Epiphany number 2:  When we looked through a microscope lens, we really enjoyed it.  When we looked through a camera lens, we were alive, we were home.  The rest, is history which led to the creation of Dis Moi Oui Films


dis moi oui

[di - mwa - wi ]

"Tell me yes" in French


We are thrilled to have you here!

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