Updated: Nov 8, 2018

The Inn at Sunset Cliffs & Coasterra, SAN DIEGO

Vanessa and I are a well traveled couple- or at least we thought we were until we met these two! Lets start by noting the fact that they were engaged in....wait for it....ANTARCTICA!!!! Yes that is correct, Antarctica. And they did not end up there by mad seas and a ship wreck, it was by choice. Needless to say, Vanessa and I were beyond jealous. Then throw in the fact that they have been to every single continent together, spent more than a month camping in wild Africa where lions roamed around them while they slept. Asia, Australia, Europe, this island, that island, basically four hundred lifetimes of travel into their first few years as a couple. Now they have returned back to work with the rest of us- until they have had enough and head back out into the world to swim with more, and more whales. They are what we could consider the definition of a power couple. We were ecstatic to spend our first meeting with them over some beers hearing all about their stories and their love story, overlapping with a few of our own. Their wedding was equally incredible. From a beachfront ceremony, to a harbor view reception, finishing on a dance floor floating on the ocean- not a minute of it was spent more than one hop away from landing in the ocean. And Devany and Alex wouldnt have had it any other way.

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Venue: The Inn at Sunset Cliffs, Coasterra, Photo: Greg Nelson

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