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Brett and Vanessa Dis Moi Oui
Let us introduce ourselves
We are Vanessa and Brett.  Vanessa is the cute French  girl on the right.  Brett is the lucky as hell to have her, guy on the left.  V brings astounding creativity and a personality sure to brighten your day, and Brett makes it all possible through his deep understanding of Film and technology.  Together, we dive into every project we do with all of our heart and focus on bringing not just images into your films, but sounds, emotions, and true energy.  Most importantly, we love what we do and you will have a tough time spotting us on a shoot smile free!
Our careers began with Masters and Doctorates in Cellular and Molecular Biology, focusing on imaging technologies.  In 2012, we had Epiphany number 1:  We had an itch that wasn't going to go unscratched-  Our thirst to travel more and see the world.  Both of us had already traveled around most of europe, and in a few other countries around the world.  But we had never been fully committed, and spent enough time in each place to really get a clean beat on the world vibrating all around us.  So we did it.  We packed everything up, left our jobs, sold our cars and headed out into the world.  At some point during the following 15 months (somewhere in South America and Southeast Asia), we had  Epiphany number 2:  When we looked through a microscope lens, we really enjoyed it.  When we looked through a camera lens, we were alive, we were home.  The rest, is history which led to the creation of Dis Moi Oui Films
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 When you watch your film, we want you to immediately identify it as yours.  Not just because you are in it, but because the style of the film matches your personality, and the mood and emotions from your day.  We love working with you on fun, unique additional content.  Pre wedding interviews, messages to each other, shots at off site locations where you first met, first kissed, first fell in love-  These are the additions that make your film really sweep you off of your feet as you rewatch it for the rest of your life.  Lets make history, and lets have fun doing it!

Camera 35mm 1
Camera 35mm 2
The Essentials - $ 3400
Feature Film - $ 4400
  • Up to 8 Hrs of continuous coverage
  • 2 Cameras and 2 Cinematographers
  • Shareable, online hosting of your film.
  • A 3-5 Minute Highlight Film
  • Real Time, multicamera edit of your Complete Ceremony
  • Real Time, multicamera edit of all Toasts
  • Up to 8 Hrs of continuous coverage
  • 2 Cameras and 2 Cinematographers
  • Shareable, online hosting of your film.
  • A 15-30 Minute Highlight Film
  • Real Time, multicamera edit of your Complete Ceremony
  • Real Time, multicamera edit of all Toasts
Essentials Plus - $ 3900
The Ultimate - $ 5400
  • Up to 8 Hrs of continuous coverage
  • 2 Cameras and 2 Cinematographer
  • Shareable, online hosting of your film.
  • An 8-10 Minute Highlight Film
  • Real Time, multicamera edit of your Complete Ceremony
  • Real Time, multicamera edit of all Toasts
  • Up to 8 Hrs of continuous coverage
  • 2 Cameras and 2 Cinematographer
  • Shareable, online hosting of your film.
  • A 3-5 Minute Highlight Film
  • A 15-30 Minute Feature Film
  • Real Time, multicamera edit of your Complete Ceremony
  • Real Time, multicamera edit of all Toasts
Happy couples say...

Listen to what others have to say about working with us!

  1. Katelynn
    Just stop looking at the other overpriced videographers because these guys are seriously amazing! Honestly while getting caught up in the wedding planning I forgot about a videographer. I am so happy I found Brett and Vanessa because they documented all the little details. I was so busy that I booked them without even meeting prior to the wedding. Howver you could never tell from the video that we just met because they captured my husband and my personalities perfectly! We have family that lives on the east coast and a few weren't able to make our wedding but they were so happy they could watch our videos and they felt as if they were part of our day! They stayed the entire day from every detail at the hotel getting ready to our first look to the entire ceremony and reception. They worked amazing with our photographers to make sure we had the best photos and video. I couldn't be more thankful that they captured every little detail!
  2. Christine
    I was lucky enough to have Vanessa and Brett film my wedding last September. Their talent and end product is beautiful, and they are the kindest couple to have present on your special day. There is nothing more moving than actually watching moments from your wedding day (even if you are like me and are hesitant about seeing yourself on camera!). Our video brings happy tears to my eyes every time I watch it. It let's me re-live the day, and let's me see moments that I otherwise didn't remember or didn't get to experience with my guests because the day was such a wonderful blur. They compiled a short video, a full video, and videos of the speeches. They also captured clips of guests and family members sending us well wishes. I had no idea they were doing that, and it was such a wonderful surprise to watch on video. What is also really fun and special is that some of our favorite wedding photos stemmed from their creativity while filming us. Brett and Vanessa's fun personalities encouraged our wedding party to interact, make funny faces, jump, and loosen up all together, which made for incredible video and candid photos. I am so lucky to have those to watch and share with our family and friends forever. Thank you Dis Moi Oui Films!
  3. Carin
    Spending time with Brett and Vanessa was a true pleasure. I say 'spending time' because I just don't feel like we worked with them; we forged a relationship. Once we decided to film our wedding, we relied upon a family recommendation (Christine and Michael) and spent an hour on Facetime laughing and getting to know Brett and Vanessa. More than friendly, though, they are thorough, and above all, supremely talented. It's for this reason, I think, that they felt more like guests at our wedding--not that they were intrusive. Quite the opposite, it simply felt like they belonged there. It never felt like they were working. Once you spend time with them, you know they trust their instincts and you should too. If you don't believe me, watch our highlight video. I dare you not to smile and wish you had been there.
  4. Jessie
    We booked Brett & Vanessa last minute because we just could not miss out on a fantastic wedding film! I am so so glad we did. I knew I had to have them after watching their posted videos, they seemed to really capture the essence of the weddings they were at. They literally made me want to get up and dance and cry for the couple. I HAD TO HAVE IT. To say I am glad we hired them would be a huge understatement!! They were an absolute pleasure to work with and felt like they were just part of the party during the wedding. I was always worried about having videographers and having them get in the way of the party and seem to overbearing. I hardly noticed them throughout the whole day and the result they came up with is just outstanding. I have literally watched out video 100 times and I never get sick of it, they really "got us" and our friends and family. I could not be happier with the result. Stop looking and just book them!!!
  5. Ryan
    Working with Brett was awesome! We asked him last minute (6 days out from our wedding) to be part of the ceremony with some specific, and he was really easy to work with and a pleasure at that. While I was initially happy with how easy it was to work with him, we (my wife and I) were both blown away by the quality of the video he produced!! Not only that, he had it ready for us way faster than we were expected! We are so glad that we not just made the decision to have a video of (just) our ceremony, but that we worked with Dis Moi Oui films as well. Highly recommended!
  6. John
    Brett and Vanessa were our wedding videographer's for our wedding in Jan 2015 and we couldn't of been happier with our choice. Not only are they awesome people, they do amazing work at a more than fair price. They were very prompt and attentive throughout the entire process. The day of the wedding, they did a great job of being elusive, and when we got the final product we were both blown away. They covered everything!! I'm not too much of a cry baby, but watching the video once it was complete brought up a lot of emotions. They did a great job editing and it was just awesome! Thanks so much guys!!
  7. Jessica
    To be honest, we almost skipped the wedding video. At first, it seemed like an extra expense that pictures would sufficiently cover. Then (thankfully) a co-worker shared his 5 min highlight video that led us to Dis Moi Oui. Brett and Vanessa are nothing short of amazing. Their work captured all of our sacred/funny/intimate/real moments, all while showcasing our true personalities. Hiring them ended up being one of the BEST DECISIONS we made during the entire planning process; and to top it all off, they are just wonderful people to be around! (Seriously, we wanted to invite them to the wedding regardless of the video) I don’t think there is a better gift than being able to relive that day, or those moments. We will be forever grateful to Dis Moi Oui Films and would tell anyone/everyone considering a video to make the same decision we did!
  8. Stephanie
    Deciding to have a wedding video was one of the best decisions we made. At first we did not want to spend the extra money, but we are so glad we did. We are absolutely in love with our wedding video and have Brett and Vanessa to thank for that! It is such an amazing experience to watch our video over and over and remember all the special moments from our big day. Working with Brett and Vanessa was a wonderful experience. We were hesitant to have videographers because we did not want our bridal party to feel uncomfortable being filmed throughout the wedding. But Brett and Vanessa blended in so well and made everyone feel so comfortable. I would recommend Dis Moi Oui Films to anyone getting married. Working with them was an incredible experience and something I would do over and over again.
  9. Nina
    We couldn't be happier on our choice in videographers!! They were amazing on the day of the wedding. They made us completely comfortable and were able to capture the most amazing shots without us even knowing it. The video was more amazing than we could have imagined!! We not only LOVED it, but EVERYONE we show it to absolutely raves about it. It perfectly captures the mixture of fun and sentimental we wanted for the wedding. It reminded us of all the small details that are so easy to forget after the day of. We loved it so much we are going back for the full length version! We couldn't recommend them more highly for your wedding!
  10. Andra
    Hiring someone to immortalize your wedding day on video is one of the best pre-wedding decision you can make. Hiring Dis Moi Oui Films to carry out this task will ensure that you have the film a gorgeous film of your special day that you'll want to watch again and again. Brett and Vanessa did such a good job of getting to know my husband and I's personalities, likes, dislikes and translating that to the style of our film. They were diligent on the wedding day about capturing every special moment; every laugh, every look and then editing it all together to create a piece of art. They are so good at telling a story; an outsider can watch the film and see who we are as a couple and the story of our romance. The quality of our film is beyond any other wedding video I've seen; the transitions are are clean and the story builds with every good emotion being invoked. Working in the film industry means that I have extremely high expectations and Dis Moi Oui Films exceeded them. So far I've had the film for a few days and I've personally watched it about 15 times.... I'm thrilled that my husband and I, our family and friends will have this to remember our happy day forever!
  11. Elena
    A MUST!!! Honestly one of the best decisions I made for our wedding. This review is long over due but I need to get this message across to future brides. Dis Moi Oui will hands down create the most magical life memory of your wedding day. The day you get married will go by way to fast. They captured everything so perfectly that every time I watch the video I get to re-live one of the most important days of my life. I did my research, I looked high and low. I probably watched every video the created. I was a little worried... what if I didn't like the music... what if maybe something was missed... when I watched the video. . . I cried is was so good! They were so professional, you barely even noticed them during the wedding. My only regret... that I don't have more of their amazing videos for the wedding! They are worth every penny. To Brett and Vanessa: THANK YOU. THANK YOU. I truly am honored to have this video from the two of you. Your talent speaks volumes.
Film is our passion.  Traveling is our obsession.  Have a destination wedding?  We are in Heaven!!!
"Dis Moi Oui"?
French for:  Tell Me Yes.
Living and Filming in the US is a dream for Vanessa, but she sure as hell isn't going to do it without representing her roots!
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